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Yuda Pilatory The Latest Male Edition

YUDA PILATORY adopts exclusive hair growth formula of Dai Minority in Yunnan province and several kinds of precious natural Chinese herbal medicine. The specific element is extracted with new macromolecule nanotechnology.With the latest TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic System) technology,the product is especially developed for the cure of bald syndromes of Seborrheic Alopecia,Hybrid Alopecia,Chemical Alopecia,Spiritual Alopecia, Alopecia Areata,Alopecia Capitis Totalis,Early-age Alopecia, etc. It functions well in improving the situation of hair follicle,stimulating the regeneration of hair follicle rapidly and promoting hair growth.The product obtains the functions of preventing hair loss,promoting hair growth,blackening the hair and maintaining the hair. With pure natural formula,it has no side effect and is convenient to apply.
[Product Characteristics]
1.Ancient secret hair growth formula of Dai Minority in Yunnan Province
Ancient secret hair growth formula of Dai Minority in Yunnan Province, which extracts Wild Ginger Powder,Wild Saponin,Cornua Cervi Pantotrichum, Radices Salviae Miltiorrhizae,Plastrum Testudinis etc.precious wild Chinese medicine essence,is adopted by ten experts from the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science. The product is produced in the manufacture base which is established by GMP standard with top manufacture craft. The ingredients are high purity,efficient and have no side effect.

2.No need of massage and easy to apply
The product adopted TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic System)technology which locate the functional element to the afflicted part rapidly and have the element absorbed.To spray is what needed to be done without any massage and maintenance. Odorless and colorless, it is easy for patients to apply at home without any annoyance of your life. 
3.High efficiency
The product has a good compatibility with the organism and with TTS(Transdermal Therapeutic System)technology, drugs can be absorbed rapidly by the afflicted part and start to work in a short time.Applying the product can stop hair loss soon and new hair can be seen within a week.
4.Integrated function of hair loss prevention, hair growth promotion, hair blackening and hair maintenance
The product collects plenty of essences for hair growth and hair maintenance.While having the hair grow, the hair can be blackened with better hair quality; giving you black and thick hair.
【Ingredients】 Glinseng Extract, Chinese Angelica Extract,Polygonum Multiflorum Extract
【Specification】 60ml / bottle
【Valid Period】 36 months
【Sanitation License】( )WZZZ 18-XK-NO.0022
【Approval Code】WZTZ(2007)No.0353
【Employed Stabdard】Q/KD-108 2078
【Usage & Dosage】
      1.Applying twice/day, 1ml(spray 4-5 times)/time on the head skin
      2.Hair and head skin should keep dry before applying
      3.Don’t stop when applying
      1.If sprayed in the eyes incautiously, please wash with clean water immediately
      2.Spray on the skin only
      3.People with skin allergen should be cautious
【Storage】Store in cool and shady conditions
【Producer】Kunming Runyantang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
【Address】No. 1406, Haiyuanzhuang, Xinshan District, Kungming, China

Kunming Runyantang Cosmetics Co.,Ltd    address: No. 1406, Haiyuanzhuang, Xinshan District, Kungming, China